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The CBSI Insurance Management System (Life and Health Edition)

A comprehensive system designed to address the needs of the Insurance Industry.

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The CBSI Insurance Management System (Life & Health Edition) is a comprehensive system designed to address the needs of the Insurance Industry. It provides for automation of accounting and operational reporting for insurance Agencies, and Companies. The software uses plain English instructions and provides ease of use features that allow users to take full advantage of the software without prior "data processing" experience. The software is designed so that users can tailor key processing sequences to fit their company’s operational needs.

Ease of Use
  • A menu driven program that can be mastered by current office personnel
  • Supplies multiple levels of on-line help to assist you while using your computerized system
  • Supplies common default values for many entries, making data entry easier and faster
  • Lookup windows available for all user defined tables including insurance products, agent numbers, zip codes, policy holders and more
  • Provide quick referencing of policy information using the on screen inquiry option
Inherent Flexibility’s
  • Allow you to maintain records for up to 99 insurance companies
  • Allow for unlimited number of insurance products for each company ; (Actual number is limited by disk space)
  • Allow you to define up to 5 levels of commission overrides by using the IMS override structure feature
  • Advanced Tools like Report Writer & Report Wizards, Business Graphs and Mail Merge that help you seize opportunities and make more money.
Operation and Management Reports
  • Pending applications Listing
  • Active, Inactive and Master policy listing
  • Application and Policy worksheet
  • Policy holder Birthday letter
  • Preauthorized checks or Bank drafts
  • Individual Billing - Remittance Due, Late and Final Notices Group List Bill - Remittance Due, Late and Final Notices
  • Individual and Group Lapse and Cancellation letters
  • Premium Transaction and History Reports
  • Commission edit listing and statements
  • Various Census Reports for marketing and management analysis
  • Plus many more...


Pricing and Availability
CBSI IMS is available immediately; please Contact us for licensing and pricing details. Current CBSI customers may upgrade to CBSI IMS at a significant discount. CBSI IMS offers seamless integration with CBSI Accounting 98 and much more.


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